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Berklee in Valencia Alumni Score Spanish Short Film

Berklee in Valencia alumni Jonas Buehler and David Antolin wrote the score for the Spanish short filmTOC TOC, a movie full of sarcasm and Spanish humor about two daughters who learn that their mother has faked her death in order to run away with her new boyfriend. The premiere took place in early 2013 at the Abba Acteon Hotel in Valencia and this spring, Buehler and Antolin took some time out to talk about their background, this film, and some of their future projects.

Bueler and Antolin played piano from an early age, and studied composition before attending Berklee in Valencia. These commonalities can perhaps be attributed to their success as a duo. “David and I started to work together within a school project at Berklee in Valencia,” said Buehler. “I think we both felt quite well sitting next to each other behind the computer. One day David asked me if I could help him on a scoring project for a short film. I was really happy that he asked me and told him that I was in! Since then I have asked him to help me on another project as well."

“Jonas and I are a good team,” said Antolin. “The process was really enriching, because when you are working with another composer, the ideas grow and develop in a different way compared to when you score it alone.”

The composers attended Berklee in Valencia for their master’s degree in scoring for film, television, and video games. When asked about their experience there, they both complimented the program and staff. “They prepare us very well, in a very professional way,” said Antolin. “I've developed a better understanding about the relationship between drama and music. Practicing scoring daily with feedback from the professors is also really enriching.”

“At the opening ceremony of Berklee in Valencia, (Berklee president) Roger Brown told us, ‘Berklee is not a conservatory. It's a laboratory,’” recalled Buehler. “I liked that kind of spirit—a big collaboration of cultures from all over the world.”

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