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Q&A with Jane Kim, A&R Manager for JYP Entertainment, South Korea

Photo courtesy of Jane Kim.

Jane Kim had been in the music business for a few years as an artist and tour manager when she decided to pursue a graduate degree. She chose the Master of Arts in Global Entertainment and Music Business program at Berklee’s campus in Valencia, because of Berklee’s outstanding reputation. Her degree led her to her current job as an A&R manager for JYP Entertainment, a well-known record label and entertainment company in South Korea. Below is an edited conversation with Kim.

How did your time at Berklee in Valencia shape your music?
Fortunately, I got to meet many new friends from all over the world. And, of course, we all had different tastes in music. I was very stubborn about my musical tastes before—listening to R & B, hip-hop, and K-pop. But the experience switched my mind. My friends would share and update music, and I definitely became more knowledgeable about the industry and all kinds of music.

What impact has it had on your job now?
That one year in Valencia broadened and deepened my way of approaching music. I have learned to appreciate and respect more how the music is created, and how much work it takes to release one song, one album, or to put on shows.

What was the best aspect about the Berklee in Valencia experience?
The best was the friends I made last year. We all live in different time zones, but we all try to stay updated with each other.

What from the experience do you carry with you now?
I was able to share the kinds of music popular in Korea, and how the industry works here. And my friends shared the differences in their home markets. I thought this was phenomenal. Berklee Valencia not only gave me great memories and best friends, but a chance for me to step further in my career.

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