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Allen Bargfrede, Director of the Global Entertainment and Music Business Graduate Program

Allen Bargfrede, an entertainment and technology attorney and assistant professor of music business at Berklee College of Music, is the new director of the Global Entertainment and Music Business Graduate Program at Berklee in Valencia. He has worked at law firms and as corporate in-house counsel, and has experience advising music artists, record labels, managers, publishers, and producers, as well as internet search providers and content distribution and technology companies

Bargfrede is coauthor of the book Music Law in the Digital Age, as well as several articles on copyright. He serves on the board of trustees for the Boston Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts and holds a J.D. and a B.A. from the University of Texas and an M.A. from Northwestern University.

1- How will Berklee in Valencia’s Global Entertainment and Music Business Graduate Program contribute to students interested in pursuing a career in the music and entertainment industry?

Our Global Entertainment and Music Business Graduate Program has been specifically designed to give students the tools they need to succeed in tomorrow's entertainment industry.Entrepreneurship and innovation are fundamentals in the ever-changing landscape, so those threads have been interwoven into the entire discipline.

2- What academic and musical opportunities does the new campus in Valencia offer?

Well, to start, the campus is all new, and state-of-the-art, and includes incredible performance spaces within the Palau de les Artes, so from purely a physical space perspective, it's absolutely amazing. I'm still stunned by the architecture of the center every day I arrive. I think the city of Valencia's numerous musical offerings will allow students to become engaged in a variety of styles, locally, and we're working on partnerships with many big festivals and groups across Europe. Academically, we will be bringing to campus visiting artists and industry executives, so students will have the opportunity to interact with real world professionals in addition to their classroom studies.

3- What characteristics are you are looking for in prospective students?

A prospective student for the Global Entertainment and Music Business program should be eager to learn with an entrepreneurial spirit and a love of innovation. We believe that part of the education process is the learning experience students share with their peers, so we're hoping to enroll critical thinkers who are passionate about implement their ideas. While no specific background in the music industry is necessary, some functional understanding will aid students in getting off the ground more quickly when they arrive.

4- What advice would you give to future students of Global Entertainment and Music Business Graduate Program at Berklee in Valencia?

So much of tomorrow's music industry is up for grabs. Be open-minded, innovate, and hard- working, and be aware that the industry is both in flux and ripe for new ideas.

5- What kind of Internships will be available?

We're seeking to offer students a variety of internships in different countries across Europe and the Americas, in functional industries like digital distribution, music products, music publishing, recording, and concert/festival promotion.

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