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International Career Center


The mission of the International Career Center (ICC) is to provide expert guidance, cutting-edge resources, and professional development experiences to a diverse student body for the achievement of students’ music career goals. Rather than acting as a one-time job link, our overall focus is on music career management. We help you access available resources and activities and apply them to your career path.

Throughout the year the students get to experience, along with the academic program, a set of group workshops, one-on-one advising appointments, company presentations, performance opportunities, and other career related activities that will enhance their professional profile.

Craft Your Career Plan

Planning one’s career is essential towards a successful professional outcome. The ICC works side to side with the students to help develop attainable goals throughout the year on campus.

Sharpen Your Professional Skills

The ICC provides workshops featuring the tools and skills needed to improve the students’ professional profile, both online and offline. During their time at Berklee, our main objective is to equip them with a confident grasp on self management.

Meet the Industry

Throughout the year students will be exposed to numerous opportunities within the industry, both on and off campus. The ICC helps to maximize those encounters towards strengthening their professional network.

What We Offer

The transition from being a student to becoming a music professional is fraught with uncertainty. To help with this transition, the ICC works with you, the student, to discover, define, develop, and distinguish yourself as a music professional.

Career Advising

The ICC staff provides one-on-one career guidance to help you on your career path. At a personal development meeting, held with each student throughout the year, the ICC can help guide you in the search of an international career path that aligns with your professional possibilities.

Career Seminars and Workshops

Every fall and spring semester, the ICC hosts several programs and events aimed at promoting the advancement of your career in music, including presentations from industry professionals and workshops on resume and portfolio preparation, interview strategies, publicity and promotion, networking, and much more.


The ICC has many resources available to help with your job search process. Resources include online periodicals, subscription-based reference directories, and materials created by the ICC, to name a few.

Berklee Career Manager

Berklee Career Manager is our online portal where students and alumni access career related resources.

Performance Opportunities

Throughout the year the students will have the opportunity to perform on and off campus to perfect stage presence, develop self confidence, and master all areas of live production.


If you are a graduate student and you have secured an internship, you have the option to enroll in a graduate internship course. This course provides you with an opportunity to integrate your professional and academic experience through the internship.


Berklee's mission is to educate, train, and develop students to excel in music as a career. With a commitment to quality and contemporary music leadership, Berklee has become the world's singular learning lab for the music of today and tomorrow, attracting and producing the best and the brightest new talent for the global music industry.

The International Career Center (ICC) offers a professional collaborative service to partners within the music industry. The ICC acknowledges the unique needs and hiring processes within the music industry and aims to meet those needs by helping fulfill both internship and full-time recruiting requirements.

The ICC is delighted to present the graduate students who will be available for full-time corporate internships and projects starting in summer.

Having brought together the most diverse and globally minded music students within the fields of composition, performance, and business, all of our master’s degree programs are designed to introduce students to the globalization of the music industry while developing the necessary international mindset, practical skills, and competencies required to become successful global music leaders. Internships in partnership with Berklee College of Music provide not only an additional creative resource, but the ICC support network, which is dedicated to assisting the entire internship process.

The ICC is able to provide flexible and tailored recruitment services in line with today’s business requirements. We look forward to developing partnerships and helping your company meet its music recruitment needs!

Why select a Berklee graduate student for an internship?

Berklee chooses the most diverse and globally minded graduate students within the global community to partake in our innovative one-year master’s degree programs. Berklee students represent an important source of musical and business talent for your organization.

What Industry Leaders Are Saying

Live Nation, Spain

“The experience with Jaime was very rewarding. The marketing department is benefitting from the results of his labor. A lot of credit goes to Jaime in his attitude and determination in diligently pursuing his tasks. His enthusiasm made it very easy to direct him and channel his efforts, which meant that the research he did, was more focused and therefore more useful.”
Don’t Believe The Hype, France

“The most valuable aspects of this internship were the fact that the student’s English was very high, allowing him to handle professional discussions about music business matters combined with the fact that the student had a deep understanding of the music business and good comprehension of the web ecosystem (promotion, social media, marketing…)”
San Francisco Opera, United States

“Jessamyn was very sharp and eager to learn all she could about what we do in the Electronic Media Department at the SF Opera. Her classes helped her pick up on the processes of distribution and business within the scope of what we do very quickly. She had a very positive attitude and it was a pleasure having her here with us.”
MusicDish, United States/China

“We felt comfortable giving her more responsibility than the typical intern, which lead to Sally playing a key role in booking a tour in China.”

How does the Berklee Graduate Internship Program work?

Berklee College of Music’s graduate students are available for internships starting in summer. They are well prepared, motivated, and ready to add value to your organization. Internships are a fundamental part of our graduate program and are designed to provide a learning experience that enables the student to meet academic and career goals. Through the internship, students apply theories learned in their graduate studies and explore aspects of the music, entertainment and/or other industry as appropriate. It covers important educational requirements needed for awarding final college credits.

The ICC team provides advice and assistance to music recruiters throughout the selection process. We are committed to working closely with you to find the most appropriate recruiting approach to match your organization’s requirements.

The process consists of three easy steps:

  • Contact ICC: The ICC is available throughout the year to receive or assist in creating internship and/or job opportunities, which will be directly and exclusively shared with our graduate students. Companies will be required to submit the internship description and a desired student profile to the ICC.
  • Selection process: The ICC is committed to working closely with you to find the most suitable candidates that match your organization’s requirements.
  • Learning agreement: Once the candidate has been selected, in order to begin the internship, the company, the student, and Berklee College of Music, must sign a learning agreement that reflects the internship’s terms and conditions.


The ICC provides a range of services to help companies fulfill their recruiting objectives. For more information, email

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